Hockeystick for Matlab

Here’s the version 1.1: hockeystick1.txt

UPD Jan 2010: change



urlwrite(‘’,’proxy.txt’) , or use the new code page

Some notes:

  • Download to empty folder and rename to hockeystick.m
  • Program downloads necessary data from the web (once), uses urlwrite.m (newish Matlab needed)
  • It’s a script
  • Shows what PC1_fixed does
  • Only one file is downloaded from CA (AD1000 proxies), sorry RC, but I don’t know where to find morc014 elsewhere..
  • Pl. tell me if it works or not, uc_edit at !

Updated to Ver 1.1, added cooling trends:



3 Responses to “Hockeystick for Matlab”

  1. Spence_UK Says:

    Worked okay for me, MATLAB 6.5 at home. I could try it on later versions at work but I suspect the firewall may disagree with me.

    This is what it produced:

    It also claimed a verification R2 of 0.998 for the 1400AD step …

    … just kidding ;)

  2. uced Says:

    :) So, now you know that Hockey Stick is 600 lines (+ code for U and V vectors + Proxy PCs) of data formatting, plus incorrectly implemented Classical Calibration (lines 595-606) with incorrectly computed uncertainties. And astronomical cooling is due to fixed PC1.

  3. uc00 Says:

    The code is now moved to CA, . Will close the comments here.

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