Some Interesting Figures

While discussing at CA, I’ve made some figures that are spread around CA posts. Here’s a collection of the interesting ones, along with link to CA post in question. All those seem to be related to Dr. Mann’s work. I wonder why..

  1. Re-scaling the Mann and Jones 2003 PC1
  2. The Gift That Keeps On Giving
  3. Mannomatic Smoothing and Pinned End-points
  4. msmooth.jpg

  5. UC on CCE
  6. Unthreaded 29

2 Responses to “Some Interesting Figures”

  1. David Stockwell Says:

    Hi UC,
    Thanks for the comment on Your figure 3 looks like the same issue of expansion of confidence at ends due to padding, so first credit to you. Some errors are so obvious you think someone else would have found them. Must be that ‘tacit knowledge’ that Gavin talks about. Cheers.

  2. uced Says:


    no matter who is the first to note, the important thing is to get the message through.

    It is quite interesting that ‘CIs and end-point padding’ has not been topical in mainstream climate science until ‘cold’ January 2008 ( )

    And take a good look at figure 2. That’s the real headline story.

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